Network Management

Technical advice

Network Management contains all those activities which are aimed on keeping the whole network of the client functioning without problems and to intervene and solve the problems whenever they do arise.

When enhancements are necessary, the service also offers advice on improvements to customer in that area.   

Server Management

We perform preventive management and troubleshoot if necessaryso that the server does not experience any interruptions. Multi-server platform support is one of our distinguishing characteristics.


LAN Management

Our certified systems engineers are qualified to support your company in management of your local network and can design proposals to improve the network and indicate possible bottlenecks on time.

Firewall Management

We provide and maintain a Next Generation Firewall, equipped with Unified Treat Management capabilities for our customers, in which the external security, secure remote access via VPN, and applying internet restrictions, are part of the service.

Monthly, the customer receives a report on the operation of the firewall.

The management of this service is done through our ANSI/TIA-942 B rated 3 datacenter.