Information security & Cyber security

Information Security is protecting information and information systems from:

  • Unauthorized access or use
  • Disclosure
  • Disruption
  • Unauthorized modification
  • Destruction

There is no privacy without information security. Let us help you protect the personal identifiable information of your employees and customers.

Do you want to implement a Manual Information Security (including cyber security) conforming to ISO/IEC 27001 and/or ISO/IEC 27002? Our business consultants can assist you with setting up your manual information security, including an awareness education and training program for your employees.

We help formulate your objectives with regard to information security e.g.:

  • Ensure compliance with privacy legislation and other relevant legislation and guidelines
  • Motivate employees to maintain the responsibility for, ownership of and knowledge about information security, in order to minimize the risk of information security incidents.

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