Business Information Management

Business Information Management explores the use and impact of information ‒ and information systems ‒ as a strategic asset for clients, firms, supply chains, business networks and markets. It investigates the opportunities presented by new information technologies such as mobile platforms, cloud computing, digital transformation, and social media. Why is information management important? Information is the life blood of any data-driven business or organization.

Each product sold is one piece of data. Number of “product A” sold in 2021 decreased by 30% and “service B” increased by 40%, this is information. Information you can use to form your sales strategy.

Given that 87.3 % of the population of Curacao uses a mobile phone and 70.3% stays connected to social media, what will be your sales strategy?

Information helps dictate how your business can form strategies, and implement processes based on them. This allows a business or organization to make better decisions and achieve goals.

Understanding the purpose of information management can help your business enhance the use, protection, and storage of information to operate more efficiency and effectively… which translates into increased profits!

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