How often should backups be made?

The recommended frequency of data backup depends on the application. If you are in charge of a network environment with critical data stored on your servers, then we recommend daily to weekly backups. If we are talking about a few pictures of grandchildren, then a weekly or even monthly data backup may be enough. If you are in the middle of a tax audit, then you will probably want to backup more often.


How can you protect your computer against viruses?

Install anti-virus software

A good way to prevent viruses on your computer is by installing an anti-virus software.

Run virus scans regularly

Make it a priority to run a scan once a week. Setup a schedule for your computer in your anti-virus software to run a scan late at night or whenever you are not using your computer.

Update all software

Make sure you anti-virus program is set to update automatically. This applies to all software on your computer. The most important software to keep up to date is your operating system. Have Automatic Updates turned on and set to download and install updates automatically.

Delete unknown e-mails

If you receive an e-mail from an unknown sender or random people, do not open the e-mail just delete it. Never download or open attachments unless you are sure it’s from someone you know. 

Turn on or install a firewall

A firewall prevents hackers from gaining access to your computer by limiting the number of ports that are open. When buying a wireless router make sure it has a built in firewall. Having a software and hardware firewall is better than just having one or the other.

Secure your wireless network

Most wireless routers are set to no security when you install them. Be sure to log into the router and at least set the basic security that requires a password. 

What is the frequency that an Ethical Penetration Test should be performed?

In an environment where commercial software is continually patched to correct security flaws, penetration testing can provide organizations with a realistic assessment of their security posture. An Ethical Penetration Test should be performed at least once a year.

What is the best way to stay ahead of the criminal hacking community?

The best way to guarantee the security of your computing networks is to take on a trusted partner that makes it its core business to stay ahead of the criminal hacking community. That trusted partner should be able to train your staff to identify vulnerabilities, prevent malicious attacks and keep your critical systems and applications safe.


Why do we use Service Level Agreements?

With our Service Level Agreements we can guarantee our customers high levels of continuity of their information systems whenever needed. Because of our state of the art infrastructure, highly qualified IT experts and the flexibility of our contracts we can offer maximum continuity taylored specifically to our customers’ needs.