IT is a fast-growing area for consulting, because the requirements of the new technology have consequences for medium-sized companies on a daily bases. Whether you need to develop a new system or integrate your old systems so that they can work together, our business consultants can assist help you with this.

Our business consultants and project managers create overview in management, maintenance or infrastructure projects. But even if you need an independent IT advice or a second opinion, the consultants of CORE will be at your service.

Business Continuity Management

A proper business Continuity Management (BCM) guarantees that your company can continue its operations whatever happens. The aim of BCM is to provide you with the ability to respond effectively to any threat, such as natural disasters, virus outbreaks or data breaches, with the help of a business continuity plan.

We can help you develop a business continuity plan, which includes disaster recovery policies and a disaster recovery plan.