The most valuable assets of any organization are their human resources. Organizations with experienced, skilled, knowledgeable and capable personnel possess a strong competitive advantage that can take years to accomplish. CORE N.V. can assist your organization along this path. We can help your workforce to acquire the necessary expertise to use IT applications effectively through training and education that fits your needs.

CORE offers a variety of courses to make sure that your employees know the necessary ins and outs to successfully operate your systems and/or applications.

Our training can be organized in CORE N.V.’s classroom facilities or we can do this in-house at your own premises. We can connect a classroom with your server so you can give specialized training to your employees for specific applications that you need for your daily operations.

CORE offers you a total training package including qualified and experienced instructors, adequate training material and formal recognition of your accomplishments.

For more information how CORE can assist your organization feel free to contact us.