Curaçao Tourist Board

"CORE N.V. is fast, accurate and trustworthy." 

"CORE N.V. takes care of every aspect related to IT for us. On a daily basis we have an employee from CORE N.V. at our office; making sure that everything works well, that our backups have been made and that our servers are up and running. Besides CORE N.V. troubleshoots every problem our employees might encounter. Whenever we encounter an issue, this gets fixed very fast. 

Furthermore CORE N.V. assists us in various projects that we have going on. CORE N.V. supports us on the technical side of these projects. 

We have been working with this organization for many years now and based on our experience we surely recommend other organizations to make use of CORE N.V.'s services." 

Mr. Hugo Clarinda 
Deputy Director, Curaçao Tourist Board 

Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is the organization that promotes Curaçao as a destination in various markets abroad, such as the European market, the South-American, the North-American market and the Caribbean market. CTB’s mission is to have as many tourists possible visiting Curaçao. 


Stichting Studiefinanciering Curaçao

"CORE N.V. is professional, fast and provides excellent service." 

"CORE N.V. does a great job every time we call for support. At the moment CORE N.V. is assisting us in an important project and does this in a very professional manner. We have positive experiences working with CORE N.V. This organization has a vast team of data center professionals who provide faster support than its competitors. We gladly recommend you CORE N.V." 

Mrs. Juliette-Chirino Mendez 
Head of Customer Service, Stichting Studiefinanciering Curaçao 

Stichting Studiefinanciering Curaçao (S.S.C.) is a foundation subsidized by the government. S.S.C.’s main objective is to provide student loans and grants to students studying both locally and abroad. In addition S.S.C. guides these students before their leave to study abroad but also during their study period. Furthermore S.S.C. is also in charge of collecting student loan payments. 

Uitvoeringsorganisatie Verkeer en Vervoer

"CORE N.V. is reliable, professional and has great technical support." 

"We have seen CORE N.V.'s transformation throughout the years. CORE N.V. assisted us in the process of automatization; we used to make vehicle inspection certificates (keuringskaart) manually, now we are able to print these out with no fuss and provide adequate service to our customers. In fact the complete process is automated; starting from the registration, till the printing of certificates and/or reports. Without the connectivity that CORE N.V. provides us, we would be nowhere. 

CORE N.V. provides us with professional support and assists us with various projects from start to finish. CORE N.V.'s Business Consultants help us to develop many concepts and assist us in realizing these projects successfully. Thus this organization works closely with us to make our services more user-friendly."

Mr. Melvin Doran 
Director, Uitvoeringsorganisatie Verkeer en Vervoer 

Uitvoeringsorganisatie Verkeer en Vervoer (UOVV) is a governmental organization that has been established on October 10, 2010. UOVV is known for the inspection of motor vehicles (autokeuring), along with the registration and processing of documentation for the purchase and sale of motor vehicles. Furthermore UOVV grants permits for public transportation and school busses.