ADECK Lunch in September 2014

ADECK Lunch in September 2014

Our Senior Systems Engineer, Mr. Tibor Bakhuis, had the honor to be ADECK's keynote speaker during their monthly lunch in September 2014. Mr. Bakhuis gave a presentation titled "Smart IT Investments". 

During his presentation, Mr. Bakhuis explained in detail the importance for small and medium businesses to invest in proper implementation of information technology to safeguard ongoing business. Furthermore Mr. Bakhuis explained how entrepreneurs can become and remain competitive by making smart IT investments. 

Mr. Bakhuis gave simple and inexpensive recommendations such as the use of corporate e-mail addresses. This investment can help entrepreneurs gain a trustworthy image with the general public. 

Mr. Bakhuis also elaborated on the subject of business continuity. This advice was tailored specifically to the needs of ADECK's members and included topics such as the backup of organizational data, which was recommended to be conducted in a structured and frequent manner. Mr. Bakhuis also touched on the subject of smart use of cloud services. 

Last but not least, Mr. Bakhuis gave a series of tips and tricks such as how to choose a strong password, the encryption of data, especially data on USB sticks, and using your common sense when it comes to security. 

CORE N.V. thanks ADECK for this opportunity. We strive to further increase the general understanding of IT and its many advantages.