Lesa pa otro skucha 2017

Lesa pa otro skucha 2017

On April 8th, 2017, Fundashon Sentro pa Inovashon i Guia Edukashonal (SIGE) held the competition “Lesa pa otro skucha” for the 19th time consecutively. Students from various primary schools competed against each other during this competition by reading in Dutch or Papiamentu. The main goal is to foster the reading of books and make this hobby popular under the youth of Curaçao.

The 10 finalists that competed in this competition were from the following schools: Glorieux College, FO Elis Juliana-Sheila Karel, St. Joris College, Kolegio San Dominico, St. Franciscus College, Kolegio Chaya Willems, Fatima College and Kolegio Sta. Clara.

The absolute winner of this competition, reading in Dutch, is Jewel Capriles of Kolegio Chaya Willems. The absolute winner in Papiamentu is Sharmelys Rosaria of Fatima College.

CORE N.V. congratulates all students who participated in this year’s competition and is most proud of the level of all those who took the challenge and joined “Lesa pa otro skucha”. We of CORE N.V. are honored to have contributed to this competition, for we have a firm belief in the formation of our youngsters on educational, physical, cognitive, and cultural level. Furthermore, we congratulate SIGE for its efforts and look forward to the 20th edition of this competition in 2018!


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