Experience RELIABILITY first hand Experience RELIABILITY first hand
Experience RELIABILITY first hand
We cannot promise you that hardware won’t break, that software won’t fail or that human error will not occur. But we do promise that if something goes wrong, we will rise to the occasion, take action and solve the issue in a timely manner.
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Why choose CORE N.V.

Continuity is our business. This means that we work relentlessly so you can have peace of mind at the office, on the move and even during threats to your organization like natural disasters or data breaches. 

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Our Services

Our data center allows us to serve you with a wide array of services. Our services are designed to offer the desired level of customization to guarantee the perfect fit to your organization. 

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What's up at CORE N.V.

CORE N.V. seeks to further increase the general understanding of IT and its many advantages. We proudly contribute to our community by giving back knowledge, time and our support. 

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